Tuesday, July 06, 2004

SnipURL - Tired of Long URLs?

So, every time you send a link to somebody, your email smartly chops it up, so that when your friend actually sees it, (s)he sees some other Godforsaken page.

One easy way out - SnipURL. Just put in the long URL and give it a nickname (if you want to), or othewise just snip the URL. A nice, short URL will appear which can be sent, even memorised easily!


If you register, you can save your snipped URLs as well. An example of one of the great uses would be to giving directions to your place to your friends! Just get to the corresponding address using Yahoo Maps or Mapquest and once you've zeroed in on your place, snip the URL which appears in the addressbar using SnipURL and give it a nickname like address or some such. You can then just give the URL, even over the phone!


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