Saturday, January 22, 2005

Many uses of Microsoft Word

We all know how big this software is. I mean, you keep Microsoft Word open and it seems to take your entire system resources. I always used to crib about this but recently I came across some redeeming articles.

Mouse Trax Downloads
  • Word Image Cataloger
    Download it, unzip it, and place the resulting, unzipped DOT file in a handy location. When you need to locate image files, double click it to open it in Word, point it to any directory on your hard drive and let 'er rip. It'll insert any graphic (jpg & gif) images it finds in that directory, into a Word document. It'll then save the file as an HTML page so you can easily view all the graphics from that directory in your browser. Great for viewing those animated gifs!
    Download it here

  • Word Font List Generator!
    Well, I didn't know I could use Word for that! And it certainly helps to get everything nicely formatted into a Word document, ready for printing!
    Of course, since it is written in Visual Basic, you have to open Word and then open it's Visual Basic editor. Here are the steps:
    Download the file. Pay attention to where you download it!

    Unzip the file. The resulting file will be called FontSampleGenerator.bas. This is a VBA code module. Open Word. Hit Alt/F11 to enter the Visual Basic Editor. Click on your Normal template project to select it. Then click File/Import and ferret around your hard drive to find this .bas file. Select it to add this code module to your template to make it available.

    Note that you can also add it to a new template and then add that template to your ../Word/Startup directory to make it available, but not have it added as extra weight to your template.

    Once the code is available to you in Word, through either method above, you can click Tools/Macro/Macro, locate the Font Sample Generator macro and click Run to get your sample.
    Download it here

  • Word Program Lister
    This is great as well! This will list all programs which you have added and are listed in your Start->Programs! Sure helps to know what all is loaded!

    Download this here

  • Word File Cataloger
    Great for having a list of all your files in a particular directory in a handy Word document. And this programs lists all those files as links, so clicking on them opens them directly! Convenient as hell, I say!

    Download it here

Please Note: All these programs are copyrighted with MouseTrax


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