Tuesday, July 06, 2004

BugMeNot - "Please Register to see contents" bothering you?

There are numerous websites which ask for you to register before you can see the contents. So head over to Bugmenot, enter the URL and they will give you a userid and passwords for that site!! I tried a number of websites and they actually worked! What is more hilarious are the UserIds and the passwords!

If you don't want to bother going to bugmenot.com every time you need to do this, there is a link called 'bookmarklet' on the main Bugmenot page. DON'T CLICK ON IT. Just drag this to your Favourites in Internet Explorer, then once it's there it'll still show up as bookmarklet, so right-click on it and rename it to whatever you want. And the next time you're on a website which asks you to register, just go into your Favourites and select BugMeNot bookmarklet. Immediately, a new popwindow will appear with the UserId and password for the site you're at!!


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