Friday, July 23, 2004

How to install programs if you don't have Administration Rights on your PC at work!

This is a trick I picked up today at office. I had a number of documents which I had downloaded (none of them illegal music, mind you!). And of course all of them during my lunch break (Yah right!). Anyway, I wanted to upload them to my Yahoo briefcase but because of the inherent 5 MB limit, I needed to zip them. Unfortunately, all zip softwares available for download for Windows have one major problem - they try to update the system registry and since I don't have administrator rights on my PC, I can't install them.

After scratching my head for quite some time to get around this conundrum and sifting through Sourcefourge, it came to me - I should use a Java based zip utility! Since they would be platform independent, they wouldn't need to do anything for which I would need administration rights!! Of course, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needs to be already installed, but hey that's usually on if your employer's are smart enough (or dumb enough!). So that's what worked finally. Here's the one I used - it's called 'BigZip'


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