Friday, October 22, 2004

Microsoft Office Tips

Microsoft Office Tips

Over the last many years, I've collected a bunch of links to which I keep referring to when it comes to Microsoft Office products.

This blog is a result of Siddharth Ghosh wanting a list of all Word Keyboard Shortcuts. But I'll list all Microsoft tips that I've collected.

The method to list all of Word's keyboard shortcuts is :
  1. In Word, go to 'Tools -> Macro -> Macros' (or press Alt + F8)

  2. In the Macros dialog box, from the 'Macros in:' dropdown listbox, select 'Word Commands'.

  3. You'll get a list of macros in-built in Word in the box. Here scroll down to 'ListCommands', select it and click on 'Run' button.

  4. You'll get a Message Box asking you whether you want the 'Current Keyboard Settings' or 'All Word Commands'. Choose your option and click 'OK'.

Word will create the document as chosen.

The best part about this is, you don't need to carry the printout all the time. Also, you can check not only the shortcut keys that you might have forgotten, but also the shortcut keys of the PC you're working on.

Now for the links:

Microsoft Word
    The best site for Microsoft Word tips is This site is by far the most comprehensive site I've ever seen. You'll find everything here.

Microsoft Excel
    Solvenet: This site provides numerous, and I mean numerous ways of working wonders in Excel. Remembering everything is tough, so I keep this site in my favourites always.

    MrExcel: The MrExcel website provides a lot of useful stuff. A whole lot of macros can be found in their Mr Excel Forum. You can also get a lot of questions that people have asked and their solutions.

    J-Walk: This site, put up by John Walkenbach has a huge amount of stuff, including a nice history of Microsoft Excel which also includes numerous tips. His Excel Section is unparalleled.

    Stephen Bullen's Excel page: This is also an excellent website for checking out Excel tips and tweaks. This site is getting reconstructed currently. So be sure to visit it later.

Microsoft Powerpoint
    Microsoft Powerpoint is an animal of it's own. If you've prepared Powerpoint slides you know the innumerable ways it can irritate you!

    A Bit Better gives numerous Powerpoint tips which are very useful. They also have a very, very comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts.

    Sonia Coleman provides another great site with a lot of useful Powerpoint tips in a very informal manner. What is interesting about this site is the huge number of free templates that she provides! Also included is a way to create a presentation in a CD. Unfortunately, this last feature is only in Powerpoint 2003.

PC Magazine provides lots of very interesting tips and tweaks at their Expert Advice Section. They relate not only to Office but to a whole lot of other things as well.

And lastly, Microsoft themselves provides a very, very useful place to dig out templates from. Whether you want to create business cards, letterheads, greeting cards, or any number of Microsoft Office objects, you'll find an enormous number of templates at the Microsoft Template Gallery.


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