Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A slew of Open Source Software

Open source software has been making quite a few inroads of late. They've also been increasing in their reliability and usability.

I discovered this PCWorld article which gives quite a list of open source software which can be used for every day tasks.

PC World

The list includes (Direct links here):
Mozilla - A complete internet application, with a web browser, eomail and chat client and HTML editing. (11 MB)

Firefox - A very good web browser which has been getting quite a few accolades of late. (4.5 MB)

OpenOffice - A complete Office suite including a Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation & Drawing software.

AbiWord - A very able Microsoft Word replacement.

Dia - A Microsoft Visio replacement.

GIMP - Adobe Photoshop Replacement

Filezilla - FTP Client

Jabberzilla - Instant Messenger

7-Zip - Winzip and WinRAR replacement


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