Friday, October 08, 2004

Some Simple Google Hacks

Google has been doing some interesting stuff lately. There's plans of them coming out with a browser too. Hopefully in another couple of months!

They've already come up with a Google SMS feature, by which you can do searches through your cellphone. And besides SMS, the tools that have improved are Google Groups (beta). Information about the new Google groups is here


I find these more interesting & useful though -
  1. Google Personalized Search
    You create your profile, add your interests, and then Google filters search results to show items which match your profile first.

  2. Site flavoured Search
    If you have a website, then you can put a bit of html code in (given by Google) and then have Google searches in your website.

  3. Search by Location (works only for USA). Just put in your zip code and give look for something interesting like 'single bars' or 'strip clubs'!! Also works for burger joints and laundromats.

  4. Google Conversions
    By the way, if you want to convert between units, like pounds to kilograms, or feet to meters, that works from the usual Google search page too. Like if you want to find out how fast you're travelling when you're going 70 mph, just enter "70 mph in kph". Or if you want to convert 7.5 inches to meters, try "7.5 inches in meters".

  5. Google Glossary
    This is the simplest and best of all. If you want the meaning of a word, phrase, acronym or abbreviation, just add the word 'define' in front of it and do a Google. The first result is your answer. Like put in the phrase "define double entendre" in the google search bar and click on search!

More interesting stuff at Google Labs


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