Sunday, November 14, 2004

Do-It-Yourself Projector!

This is a must-see for all those geeks who want to build their own Home Theater Projector -

DIY Projector

Came across an excellent article from Tom's Hardware Guide on how to build your own DIY Projector. The whole thing, with the LCD and the overhead Projector works out to only $300!! That too with a lamp intensity of 3500 Lumens. Usually, the Home Theater Projectors available in the market start from $900, that too only for a 1000 Lumens. via Slashdot

But the whole thing got me thinking about having something like this even for schools! Usually schools in cities have an OHP lying somewhere, in which case the cost would go down even more. But even if it were to be built from scratch, then to get the whole thing as a package and done in bulk would reduce the cost.


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