Sunday, July 25, 2004

Is that your PC slowing down or your memory?

Do you know what softwares are installed in your system? Yes? Think again. Maybe? Think some more! If you've had your system for over six months, there's every chance that you might not know what all has been installed; both by you and by others (which includes both people and software!).

I came across this utility today called Belarc Advisor and decided to install it and run it and see how well my memory serves me! I must be getting old, because my memory failed me miserably, when I saw the results! I realised I have many programs which I had forgotten I had installed but what was even worse, I couldn't figure out what some of the programs I had installed were there for in the first place! No wonder my system was slowing down! And all this while I was thinking that my reactions are getting faster with age! So I went into each of those pesky folders and deleted all those programs, which I couldn't remember having used in months.

Besides giving the details of the softwares and the ability of opening the folder in which they were lying hidden, I also got a plethora of information about my system. Really, really impressive, to say the least.

And of course, since it's a recommendation from a cheapskate like me, it's free!

Now I shouldn't forget that I've installed this. Maybe I'll tie a string around my finger.


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