Saturday, July 24, 2004

Are you Gaim?


You have numerous email ids, from the days when Yahoo had only a 6 MB file limit. And you've got numerous friends across different IDs. But if you want to chat with all of them you can't. Because Yahoo Messenger logs in only to one Id at a time. What a pain. And what about your MSN Messenger friends? Bigger pain. And what about your ICQ and AOL friends? Wow, the number of Messengers open could crash your system!!

The way out is by this ingenious program called Gaim. No, it's not an acronym, it's just Gaim.

After a disappointing stint with Trillian (another cross platform Chat utility), I was looking around for something for quite some time. Gaim accesses all your favourite messengers and even more than one of each Id. One of the most useful communication tools I've come across.

Plus, it being free helps too!


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