Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Perfect Desk Top Publishing Software - Ragtime

Well, it's perfect because it's free! Besides that, it's a full fledged utility for publishing anything from brochures, to cards, to documents, to spreadsheets, to visiting cards, to anything!!

I got this link from The Red Ferret Journal and as it says there, here are the main reasons why you might want to use this:

Five reasons why you need RagTime Solo:
  1. You don’t want to persuade your wordprocessor or spreadsheet program to do layout any longer.
  2. You want to break the barriers of common wordprocessors and spreadsheet programs and handle everything on one page: Texts, pictures, spreadsheets, charts and drawings.
  3. You have no fun with slipped pictures or pages added unexpectedly.
  4. No surprises when printing, please!

Ragtime Solo
The download page is here (or just click on the image)

Via The Red Ferret Journal


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