Thursday, December 02, 2004

Aerial Photography for those who don't fly!!

First there was the idea of putting a digital camera on a kite and then taking snaps! I found that itself very unique! And the snaps are quite amazing!

The How-To is in two parts - Part 1, Part 2.

All it takes is $1.50 chip from RadioShack and a soldering iron. Of course, you'll also need a digital camera (which you won't mind hacking!), a light one is an obvious choice!

In Part 2 of the How-To, you'll see a lot of other snaps as well. I was wondering if this could be used for other things as well. Like what about traffic monitoring, or taking pictures above a scene which cannot be reached manually. For a low cost option, I think this is truly remarkable!

And then today, I came across this site which tells how to put a digital camera on a remote controlled airplane to take photos! Of course, the control possible is more, so the quality of snaps are invariably way better!


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