Sunday, November 28, 2004

Grouper & K:Drive


I got to know about Grouper from Om Malik (He seems to get to know of some of the most amazing software!) as well as Slashdot. Around the same time I got to know about K:Drive, which was listed among the comments in Slashdot. I gave both a try.

Both are free and allow these functionalities:
  1. Creation of a drive to share among friends. You can just add files into this directory (group) and then share the directory with everyone.
  2. Password protect the directory
  3. Browse through all the files before you download
  4. Chat (IM) with the respective users

One thing that Grouper doesn't allow is download of music from these shared drives. K:Drive doesn't seem to have these limitations! Although, Grouper does allow the streaming of music across, which itself should be enough. Additionally, Grouper has a much slicker interface compared to K:Drive and makes the whole process of creating, managing and sharing files with friends way, way more easier!

The biggest advantage is of course, when sharing photographs, documents, music or files of any other nature, email is not the only thing that can be relied upon!


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